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Lisa shares her hard-learned truths on her path to Conscious Living.

If you’re ready for truth-telling conversations about topics that matter in your life, please join me for Front Porch Conversations -- where we do more than talk. We take a journey to self-discovery and stretch your growth in all the right places.

about lisa

Lisa Williams is a thought leader, influencer, entrepreneur and author with more than 20 years of philanthropic service. A sought-after orator, trainer, listener, and conversationalist, Ms. Williams has been called upon to share her message on national and international platforms—from the White House and the United Nations to Guam, Italy, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Her keynote addresses and podcast conversations cover issues of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of children; self-care for women; successful entrepreneurship for women veterans, non-veteran and non-profit women leaders; building collaborative communities; and the healing power of conscious living.


WHY this radio show?  

This show provides a safe space for listeners to engage in nurturing conversations that unleash hope and promote transformative justice for women.

WHY Now? 

Too many of today’s media offerings are filled with negative imagery of women and an “us vs. them” message.  Front Porch Conversations is answering the call for genuine engagement in meaningful dialogue that promotes respect and unity of purpose.

WHY Lisa? 

Lisa Williams is a graceful warrior and celebrated champion of women and girls. A sought-after listener and influencer, she brings us into the right conversations, by asking the right questions, at the right time.  As a thought leader, Lisa is committed to conscious conversations that foster women’s sense of empowerment and unveil their impact on the world stage.  She has a keen eye for overlooked thought leaders who are uniquely skilled in identifying social disparities and the solutions needed to bring about meaningful change in vulnerable communities.


Pamela Perkins Carn

Owner of Creative Writing Unlimited 

Pamela is an experienced, professional writer and editor and a lifelong believer in the power of the written word. Pamela credits her mother with instilling in her this love of and for words. Growing up, any time could be story time — bath time, bed time or dinner time. Pamela remembers writing her first story around the age of five about shopping with her mother. And that’s about all that she can remember about the did have shoes in it. Pamela’s work includes, but is certainly not limited to, editing and writing proposals, reports, books, marketing materials, script writing and speechwriting. She has created content for print, web and television productions and counts every experience as an opportunity to enlighten and encourage.

Mo Reilley

multi-media consultant

Mo Reilley is a multi-media consultant who partners with artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and performers to grow their personal and professional brands on-air, online, and in the community. With a professional background in radio broadcasting, Mo has worked as a producer and on-air personality at some of Atlanta’s top radio stations including V-103, 95.5 The Beat, B98.5, and WSB. As an early adopter of social media, Mo has engaged her passion for communication and connectivity over the past 12 years to help her clients thrive in their respective spaces. In addition to her love of media, Mo also has a deep affinity for tacos, travel, and her three kids (not necessarily in that order).

Caylin Yorba-Ruiz 


Caylin is a recent UCR graduate with a BA in Art (Studio) and a BA in Media & Cultural Studies. Her artistic work focuses on empowering methods to influence social change with a specific focus on survivor advocacy and mental wellness. Her academic studies have focused on art history, modern culture, and the intersections between art, feminism, race, and class.

 She strives to create work both in the studio and in the classroom that helps break barriers between society and higher education, allowing needed resources and education geared toward community improvement and reform to be accessible to all audiences, regardless of financial barriers.